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Paint Correction Packages

2-Step Correction

  • Includes 5-10 passes (Medium/Heavy Polishing)
  • Restores your car's paint
  • Remove some major defects and deep swirls
  • Up to 70-90% improvement
  • Works wonders for darker color cars
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Paint Enhancement  

Paint enhancement focuses on revealing your car's inherent shine rather than achieving perfection.

It targets flaws in the clear coat that reduce its luster, revitalizing the appearance without fixating on minor swirls.

Our process addresses imperfections, enhancing the paintwork's natural

brilliance and minimizing light scratches. Trust us to restore your vehicle's shine and leave it looking refreshed and radiant.

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Paint correction is a comprehensive service designed to elevate the visual appeal of your vehicle. In this meticulous process, we carefully polish the vehicle's paint using a combination of dual-action polishers, specialized pads, and high-quality compounds.

Our aim is to remove common imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and blemishes, significantly enhancing the paint's appearance without the expense of a full repaint at a body shop.

Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques, including liquid polishes and wet sanding, through a multi-stage correction process. This allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of each vehicle, from a basic single-stage polish to an in-depth multi-stage correction.

Choosing our paint correction service not only removes flaws but also restores your car’s original luster and charm, making it a wise investment in preserving the aesthetic value of your vehicle.

For enhanced protection and longevity of the newly refreshed paint finish, we strongly recommend adding a ceramic coating. This combination not only improves the vehicle’s appearance but also protects it from environmental pollutants and the natural aging process.

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